Artist & animator Larry Feign says:


After 15 years of being online, using various hosting companies, including local Internet service providers, GoDaddy, Yahoo business web sites, and some highly-rated independent hosting companies, I was never satisfied. Either my websites would be down for half the night, and their tech support only available Monday-Friday 9-5, or they charged me for each site I hosted. Then I found this one, and I've never been happier. I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Hostmonster, in spite of their silly name.

Excellent fast hosting, practically zero down time, every website feature you could want, free multiple domain hosting, and the absolute best technical support - 24 hours available with real people in their actual USA office (not outsourced), to patiently answer even my stupidest questions about setting up my sites, and no long waiting. If you don't want to call the US, their live chat is just as great. I can't praise them enough.

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